Frequently asked questions

What goes into the converted files?

Your NEF sensor data, and many EXIF and MakerNote tags. This includes white balance, your camera serial number, shutter counter, and lens info.

Raw2Nef does not transfer Active Lighting, nor the Picture Control settings from the camera, which are to be those present in the applicable template.

Does the process modify my original files?

Not at all, the original files are left untouched.

Why is Raw2Nef rejecting my camera files?

The reason will be probably because the files are in one of the crop modes, in 12 bit, or lossy compressed. Raw2Nef cannot either convert a file that is simultaneously opened by another application.

How can I report a problem/feature request?

You may want to send an email to raw2nef at bagnon dot com. Send the original NEF file that creates you problems, alongside your $HOME/.raw2nef file.

I will give priority to those supporting Raw2Nef, in any case, do not expect an immediate response.

Why are the converted files so large?

Raw2Nef generates 14 bit uncompressed files, so they will be larger files if you shoot in lossless compressed mode. If storage space is a concern, you can always save them again in compressed mode after your edits with CNX2.

Why the converted files claim to be of a different camera type?

This camera model change is required for CNX2 to open the file. CNX2 uses a white list approach, and any valid NEF file that indicates a non supported camera model is to be rejected. So, no fancy D810/D750/Sony A7 names for the generated files.

What is the latest version of Raw2Nef?

That is v3.5
Adds support for the Nikon D500 camera.

What Operating Systems are supported?

Raw2Nef runs both in Microsoft Windows and in Apple Mac OS. Since I like to have my systems updated, every time a new version of Raw2Nef is released, that will be tested on the latest version of these OSes, as of now that is Windows 10 and Mac OS El Capitán.

Why does the generated D5/D500 file include a crop action?

CNX2 only understands image sizes of natively supported cameras. The D5/D500 are the first Nikon cameras to have 20MB, so the raw data is transported to a bigger 24MB canvas, and with a crop action reduced to the D5/D500 image size.